Best Atom Egoyan Movies Ranked

Best Atom Egoyan Movies Ranked

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Best Atom Egoyan Movies Ranked


Postby Goonies85 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:37 am

Atom Egoyan is a Canadian filmmaker that can be a bit of a hit-or-miss, but here's how I would rank the movies of his that I have seen...

1. The Sweet Hereafter - a fantastic movie based on a fantastic book. A truly tragic tale about a bus crash that kills several of the small town's children...Great acting throughout, and it has a very dark subplot that I won't spoil...Bruce Greenwood and Sarah Polley were particularly good...

2. The Adjuster - Really came close to being my favorite Egoyan movie. Elias Koteas is awesome in this, and I love the subplot with the girl that earns a living being a movie censor, and thus has to watch a lot of racy, adult movies...Many of the key scenes are very disturbing...I love the movie...

3. Exotica - Another standout effort from Egoyan. Just an awesome movie, through and through...Greenwood is also great in this one...

4. Remember - Only saw this recently and was blown away by how good it was. I probably owned it for over a year but (in all honesty) Egoyan had been having a rough stretch and I didn't think a movie starring Christopher Plummer would be that interesting. I was very wrong. This was a great movie with some twists that you will not see coming...Really underrated...

5. The Captive - Not as bad as people said. This is actually a pretty decent movie starring Ryan Reynolds...I'm still not sure why the critics largely derided this one, but I enjoyed it...Kevin Durand (as the villain) was also great in his role...

6. Chloe - Interesting premise makes for an interesting movie.

7. Devil's Knot - Okay, this is almost unfair, because this one, along with the rest of the movies on this list, are movies I can't stand. Like I said, Egoyan has made a lot of movies I've loved, but then a lot that I've absolutely hated. Obviously I'm familiar with the true story that this is based on, and maybe felt that the documentaries about the case were good enough, but this movie just really annoyed me. They seemed to try and oversell a story that didn't need to be oversold, and I though many of the actors were over-acting or over-emoting...Just a bad movie...

8. Felicia's Journey - I've read reviews from people who love this movie. I will never get that. I loathe this one.

9. Calendar - If you didn't think it could get worse, welcome to this movie. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is short...and I am grateful for that. Apparently this was a labor of love for the director and his wife, but I'm pretty sure they're the only people that truly enjoy it...

10. Adoration - Shockingly bad. Based on the subject matter, I expected the movie to be at least serviceable, but it was incredibly far-fetched and poorly acted.

There's still some movies of his I've been waiting to see, like Where the Truth Lies...


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