Hottest situation you have been in ?

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Hottest situation you have been in ?


Postby Celldweller55 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:02 pm

Be honest, don't make stuff up.

I'lls start then :

I guess the hottest thing that has ever happened to me was back in my semester abroad in college, I was in Brisbane, Australia. I had been dating a girl in France for a month before leaving and she was still waiting for me but I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be serious so I decided to have fun abroad nonetheless and worry about it when I would come back home.

I lived in a sharehouse with two Brazilian guys, a girl from Quebec and an extremely shy Chinese girl called Evie (it's not even her real name, she used it in Australia to make things easier for English speakers, so I don't mind using it here). She would barely talk to us and always rushed from a room to another as if she was too shy or afraid to interact. I made her comfortable and tried to get her out of her shell. I wasn't really attracted to her although she was kind of cute, I'm just a very social person. She started going out a bit more with me and the roommates and introduced me to her group of friends, mainly female foreigners.

There was that Brazilian friend of hers, Marcilla, who was hot as hell.I went out with Evie and her group of friends several times a week and got really close to Marcilla. Evie got drunk for the first time of her life one night (maybe I shouldn't have made her drink so many screwdrivers) and we had to take her home, I even ended up carrying her in my arms like a child because she was absolutely wasted. We put her to bed and I told Marcilla she could sleep in my bed as it was very late, and I would sleep in the living room's couch. The other roommates were out so there only the three of us. Since I was not very tired and I'm a bit fussy with cleanliness, I started doing the washing up in the kitchen. :?

After about fifteen minutes, Marcilla came out of my room and leaned against the counter to talk to me, saying she couldn't sleep. I said I couldn't either and that was why I was washing the dishes. She asked me if I found her attractive out of the blue, I said yes and she then asked me why I had not taken my chances with her yet. I said I was a bit anxious around beautiful girls and I had a bad habit of mistaking friendly gestures for romantic advances. She laughed and got on her knees to pull down my pants and gave me the best blowjob I ever had to this day. I am very slow to come (years of fapping several times a day as a teen will do that to you) but she kept blowing me for almost five minutes. Funniest thing was that I was caught off guard and couldn't think straight, so I kept my hands in the sink the whole time. Finally, I told her I was going to come but she didn't stop. I told her a second time and even gently touched the side of her head to make her understand she could stop, I even remember putting some foam in her hair, but she continued until I came in her mouth. She moaned in such a sexy way I almost came a second time :lol: and when she stood up, she was sweeping her thumb on her lip as she had swallowed it all. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, which I find quite nice because some guys hate being kissed after getting head, although I would not really have minded, I was very grateful for what she had just done.

She told me "that's going to help you sleep" before going to the bathroom and then back to my bedroom. I dried my hands, went to the bathroom too to take a quick shower and then I went in my bedroom too. She was in my bed under a blanket, and as the curtain was still up, I noticed she had put her clothes on my desk chair. I took off my shirt and slowly lifted the blanket, praying in my head she would not tell me to go but she was not sleeping yet and she moved aside to let me in the bed, completely naked. I don't know if she was waiting for me or if she usually slept naked but man what a sight. We made out for a while, I noticed she had used my mouthwash in the bathroom, gotta admit I love those little details and a pragmatic woman :lol:

I returned her favor and went down on her for a few minutes, when she came she put one hand on her mouth to cover her moan (Evie's room was in front of mine) and the other in my hair, scratching my head with her nails. Then I came on top of her and was had sex for half an hour (remember I'm a slowcomer if that's even a word), finishing with doggy style. I told her I was about to come at the end and she just said "uh uh" biting the pillow, so I came inside of her. We snuggled for a bit afterwards and then I said "please tell me you're on birth control". Thank god she was.

It was nothing extraodinary but it's still the best moment in my whole sex life. I can die happy.
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