Best Cronenberg Movies Ranked

Best Cronenberg Movies Ranked

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Best Cronenberg Movies Ranked


Postby Goonies85 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:56 pm

Hi All,

David Cronenberg. Some of his movies I love. Some of his movies I hate. Here's rankings for the ones that I have viewed...

1. The Brood - My hands down favorite. The opening scene is especially powerful, as the villains or antagonists aren't whom you would expect. I also love the setting. It was filmed in Canada and the school always reminds me of the one I went to as a kid...A little nostalgic...And the snowsuits and whatnot are very much of the period that the film was made...Very twisted movie, with some great effects...And you can read into this movie all sorts of ways...I've read various analyses of the movie and they're all rather interesting...

2. The Fly - Took a little bit of time for this movie to grow on me, but I always loved Goldblum's performance (and Geena Davis's, for that matter). Very grotesque at times, but a really great adaptation of the original, that really takes the whole transformation several steps further, with the help of more modern day special effects (many of which still hold up quite well today)...Again, I also loved the Toronto setting...Geena Davis's apartment is so '80s and it feels like you're in a time warp seeing it...

3. Scanners - He was on a roll when he did this and The Brood in the span of two years. Featuring one of the greatest, most disgusting character deaths ever...A little cheesy at times, but Cronenberg really gives it his all and makes you buy into the plot...I really enjoy watching this every couple of years (always as a double-feature with The Brood)...

4. The Dead Zone - Christopher Walked has done many, many great things (The Deer Hunter, King of New York, etc.), and this is one of those. Great work...And Martin Sheen is great as the villain...A really sad movie at times, and Walken does a lot of his best acting just with his eyes...A great Stephen King adaptation that I hope is never ever remade (as a movie, at least; I know they had that TV show for a while...)....

5. Eastern Promises - Was shocked at how good this was, as I absolutely hated his previous movie, A History of Violence (I don't hate it as much now, but it still has way too many plot holes for me to ever truly enjoy it)...Viggo was great and scary as the Russian gangster...And Naomi Watts was (as usual) at top-form...Also loved Vincent Cassel as one of the villains...Really great location shooting in London...Lots of violence...And the dialogue the main villain gives (can't quite remember his name...Armin-Mueller Stahl??? Or something like that) in one certain scene with Naomi Watts is just mind-blowing...One of Cronenberg's most mature movies...

6. Videodrome - Another Cronenberg movie that took probably three viewings before I actually started to really like it. Love Deborah Harry (I'm a huge Blondie fan) and James Woods is usually great (think Cop, Vampires, Indictment: The McMartin Trial, and Casino)...Really bizarre, messed up movie that I've grown enormously fond of, over time...Like most of Cronenberg's movies, this one really makes you think, and there have been all sorts of interpretations as per what Cronenberg was trying to get across...That's one of the main reasons I'm a giant Cronenberg fan...Even when I watch a movie of his I don't like, it still usually makes me think, and triggers discussions with friends afterwards...For each of the movies listed here, I'm sure I have a friend that feels the complete opposite of how I feel...So it's nice that his movies generate those sorts of discussions...

7. Maps to the Stars - One of his most recent. Julianne Moore was on the top of her game in this one...Really great movie that I need to watch a few more times...

8. Rabid - I enjoy this, don't get me wrong. The scene in the mall with Santa Claus is hilarious and horrifying all at the same time...Movie feels sooooo '70s...People smoking in the mall and whatnot...Very much of its era...Marilyn Chambers is good...Not one of my favorite Cronenbergs, but it's pretty good...

9. A Dangerous Method - Was surprised he did this movie; figured it would've suited another type of director. That said, I was pleasantly surprised...Best part was the acting by Viggo and Fassbender...As Freud and Jung, they were phenomenal...Felt like a James Ivory movie...only good and not melodramatic and boring...I think a lot of people probably avoided this and really need to give it a chance...It was very well done...

10. A History of Violence - Okay, her's where things change. I don't like this movie. I think it's okay, but I don't like it. The plot just feels extremely, extremely contrived (especially the parallel plot with the son...that plot line just makes me want to throw up when I think of how stupid and cliche it is)...I was really surprised this was so acclaimed when it came out, as I saw it in the theatres and again, was pretty pissed off with it the entire time...I'll admit the performances are pretty good, but the plot makes absolutely no sense when you actually think about it...The only, only saving graces, in my mind, are (A) the love scene between Viggo and Maria Bello...was very passionate and seemed very real, and (B) William Hurt's return to the screen...I know he never really left, but it had been a while since he had a big role like this...He did a great job, even though, as I said, the movie just really didn't work for me...Maybe it worked as the Graphic Novel it was based on, but as a movie it was stupid...(I have to admit that Ed Harris was also pretty decent)...

11. eXistenZ - I see what he was trying to do, and maybe this would've been better had he made it several years later, when special effects probably could've done this movie a better service...That said, there's very little in this movie that keeps me involved...

12. Naked Lunch - Yes, I've read the book. I applaud Cronenberg for at least attempting to adapt it to film, but it really didn't work for me...I'd compare this to Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which I felt was a stronger theatrical adaptation for such bizarre source material...Again, I like that Cronenberg tried, and I don't know how you'd improve on his version, but this movie left me cold...And I'm pretty sure if you never read the book, you'd just be staring at the screen muttering "What the F***K?" for the entire duration...

13. Dead Ringers - Another movie that really splits audiences. I'm on the side that did not like it. I can appreciate Jeremy Irons' dual performance, but the movie left me cold. Didn't care for the plot...Not sure what the point of it was...But again, it's the type of movie I want to watch again because I want to figure exactly why I didn't like it...And why others really do like it...

14. Cosmopolis - Oh my god. Just bad. Horrible. Robert Pattinson at his worst. I know he's actually done some good stuff, like The Rover and Good Time, but when he's bad, he's bad. And I totally get why he wanted to work with Cronenberg, as a lot of actors do (he was actually really good in Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars), but I wished he had read the script for this one before signing up. Nonsensical plot twists abound...No real characters to relate to or like...Just nothing interesting in this movie, aside from complaining about how bad it is...

15. Spider - Worst Cronenberg film I've ever seen. The only...slightly positive...thing I can say about this movie is Ralph Fiennes was pretty good as a schizophrenic...I can't argue with his performance...But if you want to see an actual good movie about schizophrenia, watch Clean, Shaven...Now that's a good movie...

Anyway, that's all I got...One of the more notable Cronenberg movies I didn't rank is Shivers, as it still hasn't received a proper Region A release...I still look forward to that one...I also didn't rank Stereo or Crimes of the Future, as I still haven't watched those, even though they are extras on some Blu-Ray releases...I also still need to watch Fast Company, which is a movie I've owned for like a decade, but from what I've heard it doesn't even feel like a Cronenberg movie...It's more of a movie he just made because apparently he is slightly obsessed with race cars and wanted to make a movie about them...

Anyway, feel free to reply with your thoughts...


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Re: Best Cronenberg Movies Ranked


Postby Detour » Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:03 pm

Of the ones I have seen:

THE FLY - 8/10
eXistenZ - 7/10
THE BROOD - 6/10
CRASH - 6/10
STEREO - 5/10
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